LeadFeather Guns & Archery is a complete Archery proshop offering a fine assortment of todays modern compound bows, crossbows, fishing bows and archery accessories. Our professionally trained and certified staff are capable of assisting you in the selection of a new bow to fit your hunting, 3D or target needs. Leadfeather’s archery setup / rigging area is design to get the most out of your purchase. By properly rigging your bow with quality sights, stabilizers, rests, quivers and releases we maximize the bow performance. Crossbows, bolts, optics and accessories are assembled correctly to fine tune and get the most out of your gear.

Since LeadFeather is located in Winter Haven Florida, home to more than 103 lakes, “Bow Fishing” is a great way to exploit this natural resource and LeadFeather is the place to get your fish stickin’ supplies.

Below are just a few of our manufacturers:
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