LeadFeather Guns & Archery has a 16 person state of the art classroom. Our gun safety training classes and archery safety training classes are taught by certified NRA instructors and Archery instructors. The instructors are knowledgeable and friendly, willing to address all your questions and concerns.

Gun Safety Classes We offer 1 hour one-on-one instruction courses taught by one of our NRA instructors. The cost for the class is $60.00. An additional person may join in on the class for $30. These classes cover topics such as: choosing the right firearm, firearm care and maintenance, proper shooting technique, your legal rights (governing laws), when to shoot and most importantly firearm safety.

Archery Classes We offer one-on-one archery classes.  The cost for a 30 minute class is $30.00

Concealed Weapons Courses
We offer concealed Weapons Training Classes to satisfy State of Florida CCW Requirements.  We can handle up to 16 people at a time in this course and it normally takes 4 hrs.  The course is offered several times a month and those times can be verified by calling the store at 863-875-8989.  The course is done onsite and includes the following:  Firearm, targets, ammunition, instruction, paperwork, certificate, lunch and a Triple Tap Card.  A Triple Tap Card allows you to come shoot in our range three times for free.   This course is more then just some power point presentation and is hands on. The cost for this course is $95. Space is limited.  In order to reserve your spot you must prepay.  You can do so over the phone with a credit card or in person.  All you need to bring to the class is your Driver’s License.  You may bring your own firearms to the class, but we only provide ammunition for the guns that we provide.